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HotP was one of the first dry cleaners in London to use an eco-friendly dry cleaning method, hailed by Woolmark as a “technological breakthrough” in the professional care of garments. Unlike traditional dry cleaners, HotP use the Lagoon method (the first professional cleaning system to obtain the endorsement of Woolmark as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments).

The HOTP method helps to protect the environment as we do not use toxic solvents and all of our products are biodegradable for chemical free drainage. This means that there is no water, soil or air pollution in our process.

The conventional dry cleaning method used by the industry involves the use of mainly perchloroethylene, also known as ‘perc’, which has been named as a hazardous air pollutant by the EPA. When perc is disposed of, it needs to be treated as hazardous waste. This waste not only pollutes the air in your community, but also breaks down into potentially hazardous chemicals, which can get into soil and consequently harm plants as well as contaminate groundwater.

In addition, the IARC has also stated that perc may possibly be carcinogenic in humans, meaning that extended exposure to it can cause damaging effects to the health of those who work with it.

It has also been found that we can be exposed to perc through wearing clothes that it has been used on. In the USA, a number of states have already taken steps against the use of perc in order to completely stop its use by 2023. Moves have also been made to stop its use in Europe including firm steps taken by France.

Garments cared for using our method also smell fresher, and colours are brighter thanks to the gentler process.

Your clothes will feel soft and fresh every time.

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