Hot Off The Press is one of the first 100% Eco Friendly Specialist Drycleaners in the UK. We offer our expertise which comes with over 37 years’ experience providing a dry cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing, whether it is everyday wear or special garments such as wedding dresses and items with restricted labelling.

HOTP dry cleaning is different, we offer a 100% eco-friendly service, we use Lagoon dry cleaning which is the only method that is endorsed by WoolMark, which delivers first class cleaning results whilst being 100% non-toxic to the environment.

At HOTP, all of the items will be dry cleaned on site and can often be available for collection within 24 hours. Specialist items with fine detailing and Suedes & Leathers are all processed on site. Service times may vary on these items

All items that go through our Dry Cleaning process are expertly cleaned, re-textured, tensioned, hand finished and presented in tissue packaging.

You will immediately be able to smell the difference as there will be no lingering toxic chemical smell on your items.

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